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Financial Literacy Homeschool Program

Let's face it! If financial literacy were easy, everyone would teach it. And if prepared money teaching lessons were accessible and easy to follow, most would teach themselves. However, there is so much information out here and on the web that many homeschooling families or parents do not know where to start or what information to trust.

Diapers 2 Deposits has created a program where they will never leave you guessing or endlessly searching for money answers. A homeschool program that:

1. Already has lesson plans prepared for you!

  • Account

  • Savings

  • Budgeting

  • Credit Profile

  • Loan & Debt

  • Investing

  • Real Estate

  • Apartment Qualifying

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Funding college

  • Financial Psychology

  • Internet-based business

2. Activities your child can do independently

3. Customized Welcome Money Kits

  • Stock Watchlist

  • Earnings Statement

  • Loan Document

  • Preapproval Document

  • Credit Cards

  • Blank Checks

  • Fake Money

And yes! We put your child's name on every document

4. Weekly Live Zoom Sessions

This is more than a class! This is always having a reliable and certified financial coach to turn to; this is saving you time from searching for information on challenging topics and coming up feeling more confused than when you started; This is giving your child a financial coach before they need one! This is support!

Have questions that this blog didn't cover? Feel free to contact us!

Call/Text 202-967-8289

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