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our Mission

We are a team of expert educators dedicated to strategically teaching every student a solid, relatable, and implementable financial education, regardless of their current knowledge or socioeconomic background.

services offered

At the heart of what we do is our Personal Finance curriculum, with a beginners and an advanced track. We tailor this curriculum to meet the needs of our clients or participants using: prepared lesson plans, student activity sheets, professional development training programs, financial field trips, personalized mock financial documents, and play money.

  • Personal Finance Professional Development (Teachers)

  • Financial Literacy Training (N.E.O)

  • Personal Finance Workshops

  • Financial Coaching

  • Virtual Classes

  • In-person instruction

Program goals

To help empower marginalized individuals and all communities with a financial education, strategies, tools, and resources they need and can use into adulthood.


To provide personal financial education and guidance to individuals, families, and employees.

How do we measure our program's success?

1. Our goals are met when students teach and share their financial literacy knowledge with others.


2. A student's success is measured by comparing prior knowledge during our Warm-up Activity with their answers to essential and lesson questions.


3. Completion rate of our personal finance program, program deliverables, and gathering participants' feedback.

Baltimore, MD 21206

Tel: 202-967-8289

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