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*This page is for instructional purposes with Diapers 2 Deposits in-person instruction. If you have reached this page by accident, we invite you to explore the rest of our site. If you are a student looking for classwork, please click the buttons.

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Students will understand how the Internet can be an effective business tool to start, create, manage, and operate a business from home. Students will learn pertinent definitions and skills to start various successful Internet-based businesses.


STEP 1 Get a domain name. Create multiple choices for your domain name because the first one you think of might not be available. Choose a few possible domain names for your website that are easy to remember and relate well to your business type and target market. Then purchase a domain name.

STEP 2 Set up a website. Be sure to set up a website for your business once you’ve registered the domain name.

STEP 3 Make your business look big. The next and probably most important step to starting an Internet-based business is to create a larger presence.

STEP 4 Dress, act, and look the part. Wear business attire whenever you visit with potential customers, funders, or partners or when you attend business-related functions and seminars.

STEP 5 Set up the process your customers can use to pay you. Market your business.

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