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A Homeschooling Family's Guide to Planning a Home-Buying Field Trip | Financial Field Trip

Updated: Jan 23

For homeschooling families, the world becomes a classroom, and what better way to teach practical life skills than by planning a Financial Field Trip to a home-buying open house? We'll explore the educational benefits of taking homeschoolers to an open house and provide a step-by-step guide on planning a successful and informative visit to the world of real estate.

Guide to Planning a Home Buying Open House Field Trip:

  1.  Identify Learning Objectives: Determine the specific learning objectives for the field trip. Whether it's understanding the home buying process, exploring architectural styles, or discussing the financial aspects of homeownership.

  2. Choose Suitable Open Houses: Research and select open houses that align with the learning objectives and suit you and your family. Look for two properties that have different price points and design layouts.

  3. Contact Real Estate Agents: Connect with a real estate agent hosting the open house. Inform them about your family's interest in attending and inquire if they can provide additional insights or educational materials.

  4. Prepare Discussion Topics: Create discussion topics or activities for children to engage in during the open houses.

  5. Encourage Interactive Learning: During the visit, encourage children to participate actively by asking the real estate agents questions but respect the agent's time by waiting for potential homebuyers to be served first.

  6. Vocabulary and Reflection: After the financial field trip, discuss the two homes your homeschooler visited and what it means to be house-poor.

Top3 Benefits of this Financial Field Trip:

  1. Real-World Application of Math and Economics

  2. Introduction to the Real Estate Market

  3. Homeownership Education

Planning a financial field trip to a home-buying open house can be an exciting and educational experience for homeschooling families. By setting clear learning objectives and engaging with the real estate agents hosting the open houses, families can create a memorable outing that enhances teens' or young adult's understanding of the home-buying process and homeownership. This financial field trip isn't just about exploring houses; it's an opportunity to teach practical life skills, foster critical thinking, and prepare homeschoolers for informed decision-making in the future.

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