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How do you begin teaching financial literacy through coloring?

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Financial Literacy Coloring Book | Cursive Writing Activities | Homeschool Digital Download
Money Talks & Diapers

D2D Coloring Book v1
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Step 1: Exposure

The first step to teaching financial literacy to young kids is through talking and coloring.

Let's start with the importance of simply talking about money. Parents benefit from talking to their kids about money at a young age because talking gives parents the opportunity to get comfortable and makes money conversations familiar. For babies and toddlers, the more words they hear, the better off they are academically, and according to NHS Foundation Trust, "between the ages of one and two, a child can understand around 5x more words than they are able to say." So talk about money early and start with what you know!

A digital coloring book for financial literacy is a fun and interactive way to begin a conversation about money and how to manage money with your children. It can help them learn the basic concepts of saving and spending, a few investing terms, and the different types of money, such as cash, checks, and cards. A digital coloring book for financial literacy can also introduce children to financial institutions, such as banks, credit unions, and stock markets, and how they work. This A4 coloring book includes:

  • High-quality coloring images

  • Cursive tracing pages

  • Blank personal checks for kids to practice their signature

  • Play money

  • Cut-outs

  • Financial Field Trips information for Summer 2024

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