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6-Step Financial Coaching Process


Our Financial Coaches are trained to use a 6-step coaching process and have a fiduciary responsibility to every client. While these 6 steps may look different for every client, our financial coaches all have one goal: to lead you to a life where you are your insurance and no longer have to pay a company for life insurance.

Will you always need life insurance?

Your action today will determine if you need life insurance forever or in the short term. We do not sell you life insurance because we want to coach you to a point where your assets and income outweigh your liabilities and final expenses.

Financial Coaching Process

  1. We begin by starting to understand your financial situation

  2. Identify your future financial needs

  3. Diagnose and analyze your situation and root cause

  4. Help you set & prioritize your goals

  5. We provide you with financial education and accountability

  6. Help you track your progress & celebrate your milestones

*Trained coaches by the National Financial Education Council

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