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An intimate and safe course led by Certified Financial Education Instructors and Financial Coaches. Opt-out anytime! Through live weekly sessions and this Mentoring Millionaires Mastermind, you and your cohort will learn how to financially mentor your kids, set S.M.A.R.T goals for your family, and hold yourself accountable in this financially purpose-led group.

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Financial Psychology

We will focus on building your Financial Foundation and nose-dive into psychological factors contributing to our financial decision-making. We will review the concept of behavioral finance, examine how it has affected us, and then create an actionable plan to implement good financial habits into our and our children's lives.


Debt Elimination

Briefly discuss good and bad debts. Next we will dig deep on how to make credit work for us: including a credit card's potential advantage. We will develop individual workable payoff strategies for our own financial plans. These plans will later be used to mentor our future millionaire children.


Credit Rating

You will be introduced to components of your credit profile and score. Implement strategies and take actionable steps for addressing errors on your credit report and improving your credit score. By the end of this unit, you will have created an educational credit plan for your kids, and a credit financial plan for yourself.


Financial Planning

At the end of this cohort, not only will you have obtained a lot of new information but also met some real cool folks along the way. You will close out this cohort with an understanding of your risk tolerance level with investing, financial goals, and assessing your net worth


Adult Financial Education

In our 30-minute onboarding, we will get to know every member by completing an Interview & Intake Personal Finance Questionnaire,  a Goal-Setting Planner, and teach you about Financial Psychology. 

We review and accept new members on a rolling basis. Our cohorts are capped at 10 participants.

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