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Vision Board Party: Financial Planning for 2024 | Eventbrite

Before you come to this virtual Vision Board Party, review your accounts and cancel any unnecessary subscriptions! We will remind you again at the party.

Vision Board Party: Financial Planning for 2024
Tickets Available on Eventbrite

How do you handle subtle societal messages? “Like the phrase, keeping up with the Joneses?” More than likely, nobody ever pulled you aside and said, “Hey, if you’re buying a car, you’re going to want to make sure it’s just as nice as your neighbor’s—maybe even nicer!” But you probably have heard or even repeated this message.

Who comes up with these things anyway?

Then there’s advertising. Keep in mind that advertisers use techniques that work to sell their products. How often have you seen an ad that says, “If it’s a priority for your family’s budget, a trip to our amusement park is one of several equally attractive options. However, the park will still be here next year if you can’t afford it now.’

Never, right?!

Advertisements play on social values that encourage us to buy. They enable us to get things endorsed by celebrities, things that will make other people envious of us, and things that are fun and exciting. Making purchases is not entirely wrong. Putting a purchase in your budget is even better.

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