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My Financial Planner | 2024 Planner | November 1, 2023 Bag Ban

2024 Planner
My Financial Planner with Cardboard Purse

Diapers 2 Deposits, Inc headquarters is located in Baltimore County, MD. As of November 1, 2023, our county has a plastic bag ban in effect.

On top of being Nickeled & Dimed on our receipts paying card swipe fees, easy-to-miss gratuity added to our bill, constant request to donate to charity at every register, we no longer have the luxury of free bags.

We designed this financial planner to help you keep up with every penny. Because let's be honest, our raises are not coming fast enough and product packages are shrinking.

With the cost of living on the rise and establishments nickel & diming us left and right. How do you plan to take control of your expenses in the new year?

Maybe your 2024 financial plan is to. . .

Invest in your first stock

Buy a car

Cancel subscriptions on time

Exceed your money goals

Write it all down and get it done with My Financial Planner. Spend less, save more, create your financial plan, and track your spending throughout the year. My Financial Planner allows you to plan one quarter at a time or one hour at a time. With intentional spending and quarterly planning, you can take control of your everyday finances.

You Will Get:

Inspirational Quotes

Stock tracker

Calendars: Hourly, Daily, Weekly, & Monthly

Extra Note pages

A small design

Quarterly Teachings

S.M.A.R.T. Car goal planning

Pay-Your-First think sheet

This planner is different from your average planner with weekly and monthly calendars. My Financial Planner is much more and inspires you to go into the new unapologetically frugal!


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