Spoil Me! (#7)

Temptation is one of the greatest evils known to man. I know as woman it is expected for us to maintain an extensive amount of self-control. We are human; I think we deserve a moment of weakness. Mr. President please pardon us! Please pardon me! This was like kissing several frogs before finding my prince. I must have dreamed of my prince charming many of nights. And when I woke up, I found my son had came into my bedroom before morning and was fast asleep. Frustrating to say the least when all I wanted was a husband to please. But, I patiently waited because I was sure he would come. I just knew I would know when I found the one, and I knew he would be worth the wait.

This man was fine! You feel me? Dressed in green but sharp and simple. He asked me to join him in union, and I just couldn’t refuse. Every mistake, I had made with all of my past boyfriends was corrected in him. I was proud of me for finally learning my lesson and proud of him. As proud as a woman could be of any man doing his damn thing. He was everything. He even came in at double my expectation. He had me speechless the first time I laid eyes on him. I must have inhaled once, and blinked at least three times staring at the dollar sign in front of what seemed like an endless amount of zeros.

He had twice the money of even my highest lover and his low trusted interest in me, kept me interested in him. I was not limited to toys, diamonds, clothes, or alter egos. The back of my hand on my forehead and my glasses on, I couldn’t believe it. Is this what excellent credit looks and feels like. How many more just like him are out there? Is it greedy that I feel like I want, need or deserved more? The thought pondered in my head for a few months until my utilization fell. Like a gentleman, he carried me over the threshold of good credit into excellent credit aka Mr. Perfect. I no longer needed everything. I was spoiled by the fact I could have anything.

Credit Unions are often generous and lenient. However, it is important to know yourself and teach your children financial discipline. Financial discipline is one of the most important factors to managing credit. On average, maintaining less than 30% on any card is good. Why teach your children to be average when they can be great? Teach your children to spend only 10% of their credit to establish and maintain excellent credit.

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