Sugar Daddy with Diamonds (BF #6)

My sugar daddy with diamonds!

What can I say?

We all have that one that got away and the one we are ashamed of. I never loved him. In fact, I am not sure how we met, maybe I was drinking.

No...... that excuse does not work either because drinking is not my thing.

Even if I was a drinker, he couldn’t buy me a drink anyways. I mean down right useless. Boy was he a mistake! His pickup line was even corny. He said something like “every kiss begins with Kay”. Yeah no duh stupid, I can spell.

We all heard the saying: some are around for a reason others for a season. I am sure he is seasonal. As soon as I find Mr. Perfect, he will be the first I let go.

Wellll......after I pay for my future husband’s band. I am sure the interest rate would drive me crazy: have jump on my bed, throw pillows on the floor, and scream until the cops knock on my door.

Knock Knock Knock! I open the door. “Good evening officer

Officer:….your (nosey) neighbor said she heard a lot of commotion over here, is everything okay?

Yes Officer everything is fine. Ma’am, are you sure? (Do I look crazy? Didn’t I just say yes? Why are they still here?) Yes sir, I am sure, and I am sorry for having wasted your time. And as the officer is walking away. he says "Ma’am we are here to help."

(Mumbling) Oh really, you are telling me you can separate him from me. So, if I give you his number, can you tell him to take back the acceptance/liking of me, the high credit limit, remove the inquiry, and not take points off my soul?

Yes, I said my soul!

Have you ever seen your score drop by 10 points? It’s like checking your back account, three withdrawals have declined, an over draft fee for each transaction, the account is now under and you still owe the three attempted payments.

Jelly? Oranges? Strawberries? Pineapples?

Dammit, what is the safe word for banks? Oh! I got it!............... Bad credit!

I had no tricks up my sleeve for keeping this one around or getting rid of him without downward consequences. And I surely wasn’t going to buy myself a diamond every six months just to keep him around. Maybe, I should go to him and ask for ONE ear ring or 1/10 of a karate. I mean I can walk into my local supermarket and buy one banana out of a bunch!

Clearly, this man drove me crazy. I often wondered if this is what rock bottom felt like.

I do not have a magical formula for this card. I will tell you, I took my next several tax returns to pay down other creditors and this card does not ever hold a balance. I figured if this card was ever closed on me due to it being inactive, the least I could do is maintain my low utilization by lower the balance on all of my other cards.

Utilization is the amount of credit you use in comparison to your available credit. 9% is excellent; 10%-30% is good. Let’s say you have 5 credit cards with a credit limit of $2000 each. The running balances are $175 on each card. You have utilized $875 of $10,000=8.75 %( Excellent). Balance remains the same, however, a creditor closes your card due to inactivity. Balance is still $875; combined credit limit across all cards is now $8000; your utilization goes up from 8.75% to 10.9% crossing the threshold downward from excellent credit into good credit. Score drops! The goal is to keep your utilization low!

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