No Fun without Toys ;-) (boyfriend #5)

On to boyfriend number five. By now, I needed a calendar for these loyal long term boyfriends. So, I planned every date with them, every outing, and every move. Considering, I am so punctual; I made sure not to miss a beat with them. This plan allowed me to make sure I paid them their attention. And when that time of the month rolled around, I was never late, and I had no scares. I was my plan B!

Anyways, this boyfriend was only good for toys and that is exactly what I used him for. Toys are so timeless because who doesn’t want a new toy every now and then. The only problem is the older we get the more expensive our toys get. I saw him on Thursdays. That was the plan, and I never deviated from that plan under no circumstance. What possible emergency could occur that I would have to see him before Thursday or change our date to a different day of the week? My want for a new toy was never that serious, and it never will be. I taught myself to be much disciplined, so he was Mr. Thursday.

Mr. Thursday last year surprised me and my family with gifts for the children. He delivered the gifts the Thursday before Christmas. That year Christmas was on a Sunday, so he knew better then to ask can he deliver them on Christmas day.

Me being shallow, I counted the gifts: two for my son, and one each for my niece nephew and my friend’s son. Totaling five gifts for the children, amount paid $102.61. I looked at the receipt blinked twice and thought to myself he is rolling in here like he shut down the store. He made this possible through a few sale items, some clearance items, and a 10% card member discount given only on Thursdays.

Did my Savvy moms guess this one already? This card is from Toys R Us. Every Thursday, card holders get 10% off, so it is wise to only shop on Thursdays. Considering toys are so expensive, every little bit helps even if it’s only 10%.

Now, I am not encouraging you to go out and apply for this card (or any of the cards I may mention); However, I am telling those that already have it to use it to their advantage and ONLY shop on Thursdays. Also know that just because you have the card doesn’t not mean you have to keep up with the with every toy on the market. If I could do it again, this would be one of the cards I wouldn’t have ever applied for. Most importantly, pay this card as soon as possible! The interest on store cards are so high it will make you want to break off the relationship. If you are late one time with them, advocate for yourself, ask them to remove the lateness from their records, and refund the late fee. Again they need you and they will do it!

Live representatives are available because the credit card companies want to keep you happy and keep you spending. Don't be afraid to call credit customer service and see what they can do for you! The goal is to learn to advoate for yourself and your credit.

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