The Sharp Dresser (boyfriend #4)

Three boyfriends later and you would think I would have a ring by now......RIGHT! .......wrong. My love life has not exactly worked out that way. It’s not like I have commitment issues or anything. I’ve stayed committed to lots of things like my family, my readers, my career, my money, and my motorcycle. I mean what else is there!

Or, it could be every time I like a guy and we are talking, I always start talking about my kids forgetting to mention I am a school teacher. I am sure their first thought is “how many kids do you have.” Nor does it help that I have 2 car seats and a booster seat in the back of my car but I've only birthed one child.

I love talking about my amazing kiddos, and I guess a part of me feels like if you can’t accept can’t accept me! Grant it, it is a lot of kids, but I only birthed one, sheeesh. Doesn’t that count for something? I birthed one; I had 20 kiddos last summer; I have 27 right now, and next year, I am expecting almost 30 more. And this does not include my Financially Savvy Team of kiddos. Oh yeah back to boyfriend number four!

Boyfriend number 4 name was Macy's. Macy’s has proven his worth within my life, not only was he a sharp dresser but he also dressed many of my love ones as well. He has been there not just for me, my son, and my family, but also for some of the many other kiddos in my life. As a public school teacher, I am always balancing the caring teacher feeling and the motherly feeling I have for my kiddos. In doing so, I have purchased clothes, coats, blankets, and toys for my kiddos in need. I have had the ability to purchase the clothes by using this card ONLY when needed and budgeting before going into the store. Furthermore, I NEVER EVER EVER go into any clothing store without first having a discount code or coupons. I do not participate in extreme couponing but what other purpose would this card serve if it wasn’t for the coupons and great discounts..........absolutely none!

Let everything you do, let everything you teach your children have a purpose. If it doesn’t have a purpose, you need to get rid of it. I keep this credit card merely for the discounts I get on clothes. The goal is to save money not pay interest!

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