7 Boyfriends and Mr. Perfect (boyfriend #3)

Through Thick and Thin

I can’t recall now why I wanted this man so badly, but I did. I mean I chased him for a few years before he finally gave in to me. He was cute too. Every time, I was out with him women always complimented him. Some had the nerve to not only compliment him on his looks but express how much they wanted him as well. It was then, I learned how important it is to date a man that makes you feel confident and comfortable about the security of your relationship. Although other women chased after his attention, he never made me chase after his....... attention......., love, or money. If it weren’t for the emotional/financial security, I am sure I would have blown a gasket or two. I wonder, can you even blow the same gasket twice?

He was with me, down with me, through thick and thin. At the time, others were dropping from my circle because they were going through their own issues during the 2009 recession. We had no issues. In fact, we were only getting better with time.

I remember a time when I wanted to take my son to the expensive and famous Disney World for his birthday. I was doing some serious penny pinching and budgeting. I even tried getting a discount through my job and friends. All failed! At the last minute, he made it all happen. Before my niece, my son, and I flew to Florida, he sent a card in the mail with a magical Mickey Mouse image. He paid for my son and my niece’s expensive admissions ticket in to the theme park. They had an amazing time, and I was a proud and excited to be with him

It was easy getting him to pay for my children admission tickets. I simply called Disney credit chase rewards customer service and asked them to transfer the Disney Rewards dollar to their rewards card and mail it to me. I received it just in time for our trip. Over the years, I was earning points for every purchase. Over the course of two years, I have had my cable bill automatically deducted from the card, and my checking account was automatically set up to pay the card before the due date.

This works in my favor because my cable bill is budgeted in my monthly expenses. Instead of paying the bill with my debit card, I pay it with my Chase card and earn Disney Reward dollars. Not only is my cable always paid on time, not only am I avoiding interest, not only is this stopping them from closing the card due it being inactive, but I am also planning for our next Disney trip in three years.

Chase was one of the few cards to not close my credit card during the recession; however, chase does not simply raise you credit limit, you have to call for the request. Disney Rewards dollars are earned with every purchase and the dollars can be used for the cruise, the theme park, or even the Disney Store. Plus when they mail you the card, you can give it to your child, tell them the balance and let them practice using the card. The goal is to know the perks of your card and make them all work to your advantage.

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