7 Boyfriends & Mr. Perfect (boyfriend #2)

Mr. Lover Lover

My first boyfriend who later changed his name from HSBC to Capital One took care of my college needs. So, a girl had to move on to bigger and better. Then came along my lover, he was new to the neighborhood. At the time, I was living in Manhattan when he moved in 10 blocks from me. I probably visited him more frequently than most lovers see each other. But, he was always worth the visit; he was good for laying me up somewhere new in the most comfortable beds.

Who knew he would be around for years to come, only this time for a totally different reason! I guess what intrigued this professional about me was when we first met he caught me off guard, I was already laying on my back. I guess my mother should have warned me never to greet a man while lying down.

His name was Sleepy’s. I loved him just as much as he loved me, and we laid together from borough to borough and later state to state. I moved and he would move with me always flexible and always there. I got to know him well. So.... well..... that I could predict his next move and our next time together. I used him on Labor Day, Memorial Day, and Independence Day. Each time, he tried to hook me into a 12 month relationship, and every time I accepted. I made more than the minimum payments, and even with a high interest, I never met his alter ego 28.99%. I had made it up in my mind that his alter ego was mean and took advantage of the weak. I considered myself to be too strong and too clever to cross paths with him.

Eventually, our visits became less frequent. But on my last visit, he was good to me as usual just like a lover should be. He tried his 12 months no interest on me again. This time I demanded more and asked for 18 months no interest. To my surprise, he said sure like I should have been asked. I walked away knowing I had to keep him around because instead of taking $1000 and spending it all in one place, I was able to save some of the money and make payments within budget.

Make your credit cards work for you. The credit card companies need us, and the key is to make sure you need them less. Most people do not pay off their cards in 12 months even when given an extension, so more than likely, they will grant it to you if you ask. Nonetheless your goal is to pay it ALL off before the interest kicks in. Not almost paid off but completely paid off! Don't bite off more than you can financially chew, or in this case, don't let your lover shove more down your throat than you can swallow.

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