7 Boyfriends & Mr. Perfect (boyfriend #1)

Meet My First Boyfriend

Instantly, we hit it off. I mean it was so quick, some might even call it love at first sight. We did everything together: road trips, dinners, parties, and he even bought my college books. Well, I guess it only made sense that my first boyfriend brought my college books because that is where we first met.

My mother warned me before heading off to college not to flirt with these kinds of boys, but they were so tempting. You know.......... the ones that hung out in front of your school what seemed like every day. Yes those guys! I mean a girl can only keep walking pass them but so many times before responding to "Excuse Me Miss".

Like a naive school girl, I told him nearly all of my information trying to impress him and get him to accept me. And indeed he did want me and accept me, I was so excited I didn’t even get his last name. In fact, I think he lied to me because later he changed his name. Shaking my head, all I could think was my mother tried to warn me. Anyways, if I recall correctly his name was HSBC.

HSBC was my first. One day, after class, I was leaving one of the college's building; I heard the words "Excuse Me Miss." Today, I decided to turn around and answer. Yes! He says, would you be interested in getting a few freebies and no interest for the next 12 months. Lol! What college student doesn’t love freebies! Right? So, I completed the application, and my first brand new credit card was in the mail. I swiped everything on this card!

I could hear my mother now "don’t let these boys take advantage of you," but I thought I was out here taking advantage of him. Before I knew it, I was at my credit limit and making only the minimum payments.

I was doing so many things wrong but he made me feel so good. Anything, I wanted I was able to get. Heck, he never declined me, and even with being at my limit, one day he surprised me and doubled my limit. Again, I swiped until I was at my limit. As my limit went up so did my payments but this didn’t slow me down one bit. Nor did it scare him! This fool gave me even more money just in time for the holidays and the new school semester. I was living life and loving it. Just us against the world. Together forever!

I was hard headed and refused to let him go like most people had advised me to. I mean...... I should have dumped him, but I was addicted. We are still together, so it is definitely too late now. He is the longest relationship I have ever had, and if I get rid of him now, he will do everything in his power to keep me away from Mr. Perfect. Although his interest is high, he still serves a purpose in my life by giving me length to my credit history. And who doesn’t like a little length! So, I flirt with him every so often to keep him interested and to make sure he doesn’t leave me.

The longer your credit history the higher your score. If your card yields a high interest, swipe it every 2-3 months and pay off the balance in full in two weeks. Some creditors will close your account if it remains inactive. The goal is to build your credit history as you journey towards the perfect score.

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