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 At a young age, I was hired by the city of New York. I worked long hours, made good money and unconsciously spent my money on things I wasn't even thinking about. Notice, I didn't say things I didn't need. I said things I wasn't thinking about that means if the money was in my pocket and you gave me a reason to buy it chances are I would. Three years into the company, I was making more than what my top pay was supposed to be. Family needed money..I gave it to them. A vacation ad popped up, I paid for it and I flew away. Heck, I still have a package that is nearly paid for from those vacation people that I have yet to use. I will probably never use that package now because I have learned from my many mistakes.  

What mistakes did I make? I grossed over $75,000 every year but was making the minimum contributions to my retirement plans. I did not budget nor did I have a savings plan. I did not check my credit score or knew I even had one until halfway through college. I bought my first car and first motorcycle brand new but lived in a one-bedroom studio. You could find me vacationing, jet skiing, parasailing, sky diving or riding my motorcycle. I was foolishly cruising through my life on a Kawasaki sports-touring ZZR600.

However, even with my foolishness, when I was younger, I remember my grandmother always bragging about her perfect credit and how she always paid her bills on time. Who knew the effect it would have on me years later. By the time I found my credit score, I was 10 credit cards in with a baby boy on the way. Even with 10 credit cards, I never made a late payment and that simply came from her just talking to me.

Anyways fast forward to today! After 10 years of being employed by the city of New York, one paid off car, one paid off motorcycle and 12 credit cards later, I quit my job and decided to pursue my dreams. I've always been interested in the betterment of children regardless of their social class or race. So, I became a public school teacher and created Diapers 2 Deposits. Let's rewind! Right? Yup, I said 12 credits cards, but what if I told you that  none of them are maxed out, and that I have excellent credit. Of course, I did other things along the way to get here, but my point is we are capable of anything as long as we remain conscious. I am woke! It is now my mission to wake you TOO!

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