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Whitney Ramirez | CFEI & Financial Coach | Savvy Whitney | Mentoring Millionaire's Mastermind Group

Hey Savvy Family,

I was accidentally taught financial education; if only my teachers knew I was their student, what would they have done differently? Unbeknownst to them, little Whitney was watching and taking notes.

I saw one adult fill up a shopping cart full of food we needed only to get to the register and return some items. As the cashier kept scanning items, I saw the anxiety on her face. From her, I learned to budget my money before purchasing an item and how to survive on the bare minimum.

I saw a black man work himself to death. He retired and died a month later. From him, I learned to prioritize my health and peace over work.

Another time, I listened to a retired woman discuss how her bills were paid on time and how she had maintained her great credit. She even managed to loan my family money without jeopardizing her payment history with creditors. From this woman enjoying retirement, I learned to never pay late. In my 20 years of credit history, I have never made a late payment.


My mission is to give parents and adults everyday tools, strategies, & resources to intentionally implement a solid financial education in their child's life. A mastermind group that give you access to:

  • great parenting strategies other parents are using

  • access to a financial coach

  • lesson plans & activities

  • individualized family plans for easy at home execution

  • the village you didn't know your family needed

Click the button below to join our next Mentoring Millionaires Mastermind Group; A financial education so powerful your child may never call you in their adult life asking to borrow money.

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