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We have two major problems that denies adults the ability to obtain financial freedom. The first being the American people current mindset, and the second being people living above their means. While the war on poverty remains a losing battle and the current low income threshold looks more like a poverty threshold, we continue to be trapped by our everyday decisions and influences. The mindset we have as adults are later passed on to our children in which we are sending them the wrong message. Unconsciously, they repeat the cycle and our same mistakes. The act of living paycheck to paycheck is an everyday reminder as to what their life has in store for them; this does not have to be the case.


We all want the very best for our children. And they deserve it! First we must realize that offering our children the very best does not necessarily mean we have to spend an excessive amount of money. Sometimes the best thing we can offer any child besides love is our wisdom. Regardless to your social class, our wisdom shared with our children can be the beginning stages to a generation with a new mindset and working knowledge of the handling of money. In addition to sharing our wisdom, becoming conscious spenders lends itself to the development of financially savvy children.

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We strive to empower parents with the necessary tools needed to aggressively implement a financial literacy education plan within their children lives. Our long-term strategic plans and short-term coaching actions will help you inspire, improve, and educate your children on the handling of money.