Financially Anticipated Questions

Can I Join a FREE class with my child?

Sure can! We would love for you and your family to join us for a FREE class. Try it out, download FREE material, and if you love it, get a discount code from your instructor to continue.

Do you provide coaching for adults?

No. Sorry, this financial education coaching and classroom course is only for kids. Diapers 2 Deposits focuses on pre-school age children up to college bound students. However, in your child's financial literacy plan, you may find financial strategies you can implement in your own life.

What is the differnce between the year coaching plan and your Month-2-Month plans?

The Month-2-Month plan focuses on only one plan of your choice and allows access to ONLY that classroom. Your one year coaching plan, includes all of the financial literacy plans, unlimited online coaching throughout the year, access to all classrooms, access to our hand-picked financial library, and an exit packet your scholar can take with them to college.

Can we share our financial literacy plan?

Each plan is different. While we encourage you to share your knowledge, we ask that you do not share your child's individuaized plan. Your plan may contain personal information. What might help one family to secure their child's financial future could potentially ruin anothers if not implemented correctly. EXAMPLE: We may advise a 100% on-time paying parent to give their 10 year old a credit card; however, we may not give the same advice to a parent with several late credit card payments and a 16 year old.

Do you offer in person coaching sessions?

Yes, we do! Most of our coaching sessions are conducted in our in office in Towson, MD. Because we want you to successfully implement your child's financial literacy plan, we are also available to meet your family in shopping areas, so we can coach your financially savvy child in person. Our coaches are currently available in New York City, Delaware, Maryland, Washingston, DC, Northern, VA and limited areas in New Jersey. We promise you will get the same quality service online as you would in person.

How do I join one of your FREE classes?

3 EASY Steps to Join 1. Send us a message on the Contact page requesting a code 2. Download Edmodo app or 3. Create a student account with your code And you are in!

Does the name of your financial literacy plans match your classroom names?

Yes, EXACTLY! When you sign-up, you and your family get access to the classroom of your choice. So lets say you are interested in Paper O Plastic, your family will be given a ONE TIME joining code for that classroom. Once all lessons, quizzes, and polls are complete, we work on your child's financial plan based of what they have learned. You get to keep this as your copy to later to refer to.